My name is Michal and I am professional photographer who turned his love and passion to his profession. Do you speak French, German, English, Slovak or Czech? I will be happy to talk to you in any of those languages.

Are you an individual client who is interested in family, children, wedding or family events photography? Nice to meet you. I am very passionate about your need and it will be my pleasure to work with you. Are you a business client who needs portraits, corporate events photography, company and products presentation photography? Let us talk and I will explain you how I can help. 

If you have any photography need that does not fit into the above mentioned or like challenging projects, you found the right person. I love the kind of projects that are stretching the borders of my comfort zone and are providing me with new experience. Let us have a talk, I am sure we will have a good time and fun together. And yes, you will get also your photos at the end.

For more details about my work please scroll down this page and also check my portfolio.

Enjoy and I hope to meet you soon.

Business clients

How good would that be if your professional photographer understood business environment, confidentiality and business ethics? And if he had an international background and long term managerial experience?

I have those and I am also open and clear in my communication and like working with speed and simplicity. I understand the high pace corporate world and also the small and medium enterprises challenges.

In terms of photography I can help you with professional portraits of your employees, covering company events, such as introduction of new products, celebrations, conferences, exhibitions, congresses, trainings or internal employee communication meetings.

Do you highly value your time? I can make sure it is not going to be wasted and you will get professional photos according to your needs.

Please have a look on some examples of my work here:

Business clients photography

Individual clients

You would like to capture your emotions and keep your memories forever in the form of photos? I am very passionate about all types of photography where you get in touch with people. Either it is family portrait, children or baby photography or even wedding and other family events photography I am here for you.

Would you like to spent some fun and pleasant time during our photo shoot? In my experience the photography service I provide is a combination of technical photography skill bundled with emotional intelligence and capability to deal with all different types of people. I will make sure you will feel comfortable and enjoy our time together. In terms of photography style I prefer very natural way of taking pictures and not too much stylised poses. However if our photo shooting would require posing we would have a lot of fun together. I would gently navigate you and advise on all aspects of this type of shooting.

Wedding and family photography are quite challenging because they require use of different techniques and usually there are unique moments that will never repeat. I like the responsibility and challenge that is linked to these types of shootings. I have more than ten years of photography experience that I would be happy to use for your service.

For me it would be a pleasure and privilege to be able to help you keep your emotions and memories through photographs forever.

Please have a look on some examples of my work here:

Individual clients photography


Si vous souhaitez travailler avec moi, n’hésitez pas à me contacter pour échanger ensemble sur votre projet. Je prendrai le temps de comprendre vos besoins et vous préparerai une proposition sur-mesure adaptée à vos attentes.

Je vis près de Grenoble, mais en fonction de vos projets je suis bien sûr disposé à me déplacer partout en France et à l’international.