About me

You are curious to learn more about me? I believe it is really important to know who your photographer is. You will feel more comfortable and relaxed talking to someone who is not a complete stranger.

My name is Michal and I am 36. I was born in Bratislava, Slovakia and apart from Slovak and Czech I do also speak French, English and German. I am married to my lovely wife Andrea and we have two children, Samuel and Alexandra and a parson russell terrier called Nelly. Since beginning of 2013 we live in France and enjoy it a lot.

I have started my career in human resources management and gained a lot of experience in automotive, industrial and corporate environment. I am grateful to all my leaders from whom I have learned a lot during my career. I have been working in Slovakia, Germany and most recently in France.

Photography has been an integral part of my life for more than ten years now. I have always dreamed about making my passion my profession and today I am very happy that I can call myself a full time professional photographer. However I constantly keep investing in my photography education as this should be a lifelong journey in my opinion.  

My family is for me the most important in my life and I am doing all I can to enjoy every moment we spend together. If I can, I still try to steal some time for me and play volleyball and do paragliding and hiking in the beautiful Alps.

You still miss some information about me? Let us have a call or meeting and I will be happy to tell you more.